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Message of the President of the Arab city for comprehensive care

After a thorough analysis of the current status of the services provided for people with special needs in the Arab world, who constitute approximately 10% of the total population (according to World Health Organization), we recognized the need for a comprehensive care centre that fases the vast challenges and actualize ambitions.

Therefore, we announce today the launch of "the Arab city for comprehensive care", to provide integrated and high quality services that put us on the map of global development, and make us pioneers in the Middle East

Arab city for comprehensive care has been provided with advanced equipments and tools, in addition to the most modern programs in the fields of special education, vocational and physical rehabilitation and training in the world. We look forward to be the pioneers who apply these modern programs in Middle East. In order to maintain high standards in our services, we attracted the creative talents who have advanced scientific degrees and expertise in the areas of medical, educational, psychological, and social services. By doing this, we are able to provide safe and positive environment in teaching the people with disabilities that we deal with in order to empower them to live side by side with other people without disabilities and without any discrimination

To realize the level of achievement... ambition, and to associate speech with action, it is my greatest honor to invite all of you to have a visit to the Arab City of Comprehensive care in the capital of Jordan: Amman… you are more than welcome.

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