Medical Rehabiltation Center

The Medical Rehabilitation Center is one of the primary centers of the Arab City for Comprehensive care. It is staffed with highly qualified professionals and is equipped with the most modern devices. The Center's services are offered day and night taking into account the integration of services in the various sections

  • Medical Clinic
  • General medical clinic
  • Dental clinic

Nursing Section: Provides its' services at the medical center and social care center during day and night

Pharmacy Section: medications and drugs

Physical Therapy Section:
Kinetic therapy

Occupational Therapy Section: Aims at helping individuals gain the skills necessary to lead a normal life and to achieve the highest degree of independence and self-reliance

Speech Therapy Section: Provide quality services with the latest therapeutic programs and the most advanced equipments

Hearing and Speech Therapy Section: Provides screening for hearing, auditory training, and fits hearing aids, and assesses and corrects speech and language problems

Hyper Baric Oxygen Therapy Section: The Arab City uses this type of treatment based on studies that support its usefulness in improving persons with autism, C. P., and many other cases

Medical Laboratory: Believing in the importance of the accuracy of medical assessment and the comprehensiveness of services, the Arab City has an advanced laboratory

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