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To achieve best results with persons having disabilities and other special needs, ACCC offers comprehensive and integrated services utilizing the multidisciplinary team approach. These services include, but are not limited to: medicine, nursing, special education, rehabilitation, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, psychology, and social services. Each client is assessed and a n individualized intervention program is developed. In addition to the services available on-site, ACCC collaborates with several partners to meet the total needs of our beneficiaries.

Residential Care ServicesThese services are provided to residents in the social care center and include continuous basic personal, health, and nutritional services. Training in self-care, daily living, communication, adaptive, and recreational skills is also available.

Special Education & Academic Rehabilitation Services:These services are offered for students with physical and intellectual disabilities in classrooms managed by experienced special education teachers. Main services included are IEPs, early intervention, applied behavior analysis programs, assistive and adaptive aids, and supportive services. Students served are those with autism, Down syndrome, intellectual disability, physical disability, learning and behavior disorders, and multiple disabilities.

Medical Services: Medical services include: diagnosis, treatment, and consultancies. The primary purpose is to assist persons achieve maximum physical functioning.

Dental Services: Prevention and treatment of dental and oral problems are vital for normal speech development and general health, and thus are an important element in the rehabilitation process. Accordingly, ACCC offers such services on-site.

Nursing Services: These services are also an important component in the rehabilitation process and include providing nursing care for residents and monitoring their health conditions, handling routine and emergency health conditions, and educating non-medical team members about appropriate health measures.

Physical Therapy Services: These services aim at relieving pain, restoring functional mobility, and enhancing flexibility and strength. Included in these services are: aquatic therapy, functional restoration, muscular re-education, message, and money more techniques.

Occupational Therapy Services: Theses service involve the use of purposeful activities to maximize independence, enhance eye-hand coordination, and improve performance of activities of daily living by adapting the environment and tasks performed.

Hearing & Speech Services: Theses services include diagnosis and treatment of hearing, speech, and language problems among children and adults.

Medication Services: These services include securing necessary medications to residents, administering prescribed drugs correctly, and monitoring side-effects of drugs and reporting them to the attending physician and the family

Nutritional Services: These services include offering healthy and balanced food, and preventing food related risks such as malnutrition and overweight.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Hyperbaric oxygen therapy involves placing the individual in an airtight chamber with oxygen under pressure. It is used to treat or prevent hypoxemia, necrosis, and some cases of cerebral palsy and autism.

Psychological Services: Psychological services are directed toward helping persons with disabilities and their families cope with disability-related difficulties, attitudinal change, psychological assessment, behavior modification, counseling, and support

Social and Transition Services: The main purposes of these services are: improving the quality of life of persons with disabilities and their families, developing transition plans, and enhancing social competence.

Vocational Services: These services aim at promoting vocational, personal, and social skills of persons with disabilities.

Diagnosis and Assessment Services: These services represent an integral component of all rehabilitation programs offered by ACCC and entail the use of various tools to evaluate medical, educational, psychological, social, and vocational functioning.

Adapted Physical Education and Recreation Services: The primary purposes of these services are to train and encourage participation in physical activities and recreational programs, utilizing leisure time, engagement in productive individual and group activities, and promoting performance and artistic talents.

Research & Development, Information, and Training Services: These services include conducting action research, translating and summarizing relevant studies, enhancing best practices, maintaining the library, quality assurance, and implementing in-service training.

Other Services: ACCC also offers varied services both on-site and in the community through partnerships with other service providers

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